KIWI DEFI: Profit up to 33% + Insurance 10 times capital

Project information

KIWI DEFI is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project built on the TRON platform. KWD is the governance token of the KIWI ecosystem. KIWI DEFI provides a new generation solution to meet users’ financial transaction needs while ensuring safety and transparency.

By integrating multiple platforms in the ecosystem, KIWI DEFI helps users maximize the power of DEFI as well as allows users to have more investment opportunities and benefit from ecosystem investments.


The ecosystem of KIWI DEFI

The KIWI ecosystem meets the needs of Defi users with a swapping platform that allows users to easily swap between two TRC – 20 cryptocurrencies. With the policy of staking and farming from KIWI DEFI, users can increase their number of assets many times. Besides, KIWI DEFI’s liquidity platform will help the ecosystem work in a more balanced and sustainable way.

ecosystem. Especially, with the Leverage platform, investors can feel secure to invest with the support of leverage insurance from KIWI DEFI.

Partners of KIWI DEFI

KIWI DEFI has ended its only public sale, continuing the roadmap of KWD tokens that will be listed on Poloniex, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Binance, and Houbi.

Currently, the KWD token has been traded on

– JustSwap:

In addition, KIWI DEFI is also an official partner of organizations and leaders in the cryptocurrency industry.



Kiwi Leverage

Kiwi Leverage is a protocol that allows investors to invest their KWD cryptocurrencies in the platform and has the right to use 1:10 leverage to limit the risk of their digital assets when the price of digital assets is reduced. That means when your assets on the market are reduced by 1000%, you will receive a 1000% insurance premium.

That is the amount you receive multiple many times the amount your insurance initially paid to buy the insurance package for your investment, in the case of a market price drop that reduces the value of your digital assets. You will receive the amount of 1:10 leverage ratio, 10 times the value of your investment package at that time.


To ensure the benefits and safety of investors’ capital, KIWI DEFI offers the ultimate Insurance package. When participating in insurance, investors will deduct 10% of the coin in the investment package to put in the Kiwi Leverage Fund insurance fund. The insurance package will protect the interests of investors if the coin price decreases at the maturity of the investment package. How many times the price decreases, investors will be refunded the same amount of capital many times.

In a volatile market like the crypto market, it is difficult to predict what will happen in the future, so the risks of slippage of cryptocurrencies as well as the evaporation of digital assets always exist. With Kiwi Leverage Insurance, investors can be somewhat assured when these risks occur.

Example: Investor buys $1000 package with the price at the time of lock is KWD = $1.

Investors use 10% of the investment package as leverage insurance, which means that the current investment package value is $900

In case of the price increases by 10 times (KWD = 10$)

+ Investors receive coin equivalent to $900 x10 = $9000

+ Investors do not accept insurance

In case of a 10-fold discount (KWD = $0.1)

+ Investors receive equivalent coin: 900 x 0.1 = $ 90

+ Investors receive insurance: $90 x10 = $900

Total received: $990

This shows that KIWI LEVERAGE Insurance with 1:10 leverage greatly limits the risk to your investment package as the market price of digital assets drops greatly.


Investment plan

  • Minimum capital: 200 KWD
  • Trading platform: Kiwi Leverage
  • Deposit: free
  • Withdrawal: 5% of the amount, minimum of 10 KWD
  • Term: up to 18 months
  • Referral commission: up to 10% for F1
  • Leverage 1:10
  • Insurance 10 times capital

Details of the investment packages

1No term3%Non-leverage, unlock coins to withdrawal any time, no referral commissions
23-month term5%Leverage 1:10
36-month term7%
49-month term10%
512-month term12%
618-month term15%

Commission policy

Acceptance conditions:

Lock at least $200 in a 3-month term to have link ref

Sales are calculated according to the $ value of the package at that time

Commissions are calculated on the USD value of the investment package at the time of the package

Investment package value = (coin lock number – 10% of coin lock) x price at the time of entering the package

There are 3 types of commissions:

– Direct commission: Up to 10%

– Commission on binary branch balance: up to 8%

– Rank commission: Up to 10%

Table of direct commissions

Term (days)F1 (%)

In addition to investing in daily interest, you can also make money by holding KWD tokens in your account and waiting for the price to rise.


General assessment

Kiwi Defi opens unlimited investment packages with capital from only 200 KWD, profit up to 15%/month. The basic referral commission is up to 5 levels, the direct referral commission is up to 10%. Rank commissions and commission on binary branchs up to 8%. Total referral commissions reach 18%/month.

The project overview has very clear and complete information, has a specific plan to build an ecosystem and clearly shows value towards the community.

In particular, the listing of KWD on the VinDAX and JustSwap exchanges has been promoted by the Kiwi Defi team more than 3 months faster, exceeding the community’s expectations. At the same time, Kiwi Defi Leverage also launched on the Roadmap. This shows that Kiwi Defi’s team is making a daily effort to develop, expand and finalize the project, providing a lot of value to the community soon. These are real values ​​and efforts worthy of recognition.

KIWI DEFI is sure to become a profit-making guide for investors, partners and creating sustainable value.

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