Buy and Hold BabyShiba and you will automatically get more in your wallet. No need to farm, stake or claim.

Each trade also automatically adds liquidity on Pancakeswap leading to an ever-increasing price floor of BabyShiba. This means that even if every single BabyShiba holder sells, the price will not go to zero.
01 Community driven project
Though the core development team is always working on BabyShiba it is the community who can guarantee its success. On Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit and other social media channels, our awesome community is spreading the word about us.
02 Rewards holders through static reflection
Our tokenomics incentivize holding. We like to say “we pay you to hold”. 5% of each transaction goes instantly and gaslessly to the BabyShiba holders, proportional to their holdings.
03 Deflationary Black Hole. Forever!
Immediately after launch we burned more than 50% of the total supply of BabyShiba and sent it to a dead wallet. Because the dead wallet is also a holder, it also gets proportional transaction rewards. But since nobody has access to that wallet, those BabyShiba tokens are retired from circulation (effectively burned). The burn happens on every transaction and accelerates as the black hole gets bigger…forever!


BabyShiba is programmed to reward holders while increasing in both liquidity and value. It does this by applying a 10% tax on every transaction.
5% of each transaction Redistributed to token holders. That means you earn more $BabyShiba by just holding it in your wallet.
5% of each transaction sent into PancakeSwap Liquidity Pools
50%+ of supply is burned So a portion each redistribution is sent to the burn wallet.

Agenda for the upcoming months:

✔ Contract creation
✔ Website launch
✔ Token launch
✔ Airdrop
✔ Marketing
Artist applications
Community building
Concept announcement
Whitelisted onboarding
Beta launch
Implementation of features
Marketing campaign
Exchange Listing
Hire professional marketing firm
App development

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