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Review By Indian Community: Floki shiba , has run and fought so far for more advanced development . Thanks to the support of all the components in the Shiba Floki, we can be even more excited to always be the greatest. Patience is a key to success. with everyone’s cooperation, we go fast like a rocket ⚡️✨💯


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Review By Indonesia Community:

Floki shiba , a project that is very trustworthy and has a very fast development , moves very neatly and has a good strategy . Has a good appeal to attract investors. We hope that this project can become a trend that is highly sought after by the international community , and can even become a means of payment for the future . developers have a dream , the community is needed to achieve that dream . Keep moving and fighting , success awaits all of us .

Warm regards, Indonesian Floki Shiba ! 🌹✨  #nice



Review By Pakistani member:

FLOKISHIBA (FSHIB) has been developed as a project of the cryptographic world, which has created a meme-based token, which guarantees fast transactions, investments, facilitates decentralized trade and is intended for the user community. FLOKISHIBA is in the process of building and developing its ecosystem, as well as raising funds for the protection of pet Flokishiba, having a non-profit organization and making donations to this breed of dogs, as well as its ecosystem has been integrated into the innovation of art and NFTs, ensuring secure trading of NFTs. FLOKISHIBA INU (FSHIB), is a token supported on various decentralized exchanges, is a good strategy for investment and long-term profits, likewise has a participatory user community, its social networks are active with the publication of news and is a token that has good operations from the Binance Chain network and has support from various wallets, based on BEP-20 token. FLOKISHIBA (FSHIB), ensures the smooth operation of its reward system, allowing users to participate in the community and receive incentives in FLOKISHIBA tokens


Review By Famous Crypto Youtuber From Japan:

The purpose of the token is to become the main contender for Shiba inu.

The project was ready in early July 2021. At first glance it would seem that the project has little activity, it has less than 100k followers on Twitter; But it has more than 17.2K members on Telegram, the active chart group is around 8183.

Acquiring the token is within the reach of a click with the Web wallet, although it is a currently cheap token, the gas payment per transaction very cheap.

It can be purchased in pancakeswap, the minimum withdrawal fee is very cheap.

In the official website it promises to launch its own swap soon (FSHIBSwap DeFi Platform Full Release) it has no date announced. The roadmap published on website (

Given the large number of tokens, there are 2 buttons for token burning.

The portal has a governance section, where it is possible to register and start a discussion. Acquiring the token also allows you to be part of a community

distributed in multiple platforms. It is not necessary to own FlokiShiba to register.

We will have to wait the publication of WP & RM to learn more about the project.


Review by Saud Arabia Fans: Floki Shiba Meem COIN is decentralized The main goal is to love the father
This is a father who will be proud of his child. Shiba and Fluki are Dodge kids
Every child has a duty. Floki is an anti-inflation code based on Bainance Smart China. When making any transaction, 1% tax transfer is paid to the holders and 1% is burned.

                Love for all the fathers of the earth is very beautiful. It makes us feel valuable. Let us love our father more today.Let’s expand this friendship to
Floki eyes light up

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